Easy TA Express Kit
#29336-010 20 rxn
OriBio™ Easy TA Cloning Vector offers a quick, one-step cloning strategy for the direct insertion of a PCR product into a plasmid vector. Using the Easy TA vector to clone your PCR product eliminates any enzymatic modifications of the PCR product, and does not require the use of PCR primers that contain restriction sites. Here is how it works: Taq DNA polymerase has a nontemplate-dependent activity that adds a single deoxyadenosine dA to the 3´ ends of PCR products. The linearized Easy TA vector has single 3´ deoxythymidine dT residues. This allows PCR inserts to ligate efficiently with the vector, and at the same time, prevents the linearized vector from self-ligation. When used with the OriBio™ Easy TA Express ligase, the ligation reaction can be sufficient in only 5 minutes to move on to competent cell transformation. Given the high efficiency of the method, blue white colony selection is optional. A Control Insert (800 bp) DNA is provided as a positive control. For DNA sequencing universal primers, such as M13 Forward and M13 Reverse or T7 promoter and T3 promoter are recommended (please see the following vector diagram and sequence for detailed information).


Easy TA Cloning Vector(40 ng/μl) 

 20 μl

Easy TA Express Ligase 

 12 μl

2× Express Ligation Buffer 

 300 μl

Control Insert(40 ng/μl) 

 5 μl

Easy TA Cloning Vector is stable for one year at -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze and thaw cycles.

• 3’dT overhangs for direct ligation of Taq -amplified PCR products
• Choice of different promoters for in vitro transcription and sequencing
• EcoR I sites flanking insertion site for easy excision of inserts
• Easy blue/white screening for selection
• 5 minutes ligation protocol for great time saving

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