Easy TA Simple Cloning Vector
OriBio™ Easy TA Cloning Vectors are derived from pBlueScript II SK(+) plasmid. These are linearized PCR cloning vectors that have single 3´-terminal thymidine residues (dT) at both 3´- ends. The dT-overhangs at the cloning site improve the efficiency of ligation of PCR products that contain dA-overhangs, such as those amplified with Taq , PowerHS Taq , or HiFiTaq DNA Polymerase. The ends of PCR products amplified with Pfu , Vent, and KOD polymerases which have 3´→5´exonuclease activity are blunt, and cannot proceed to use TA cloning technique. Easy TA Simple cloning vector has deletions of all the restriction enzyme sites in the multiple-cloning site (MCS), so to enable restriction enzyme digestion analysis of the PCR insert after cloning. Easy TA Simple Cloning Vector does not have NdeI or NcoI restriction enzyme sites, so it can be used to clone amplified DNA fragments which contain these enzyme sites. In general, for 1 kb DNA fragments, self-ligation of vector can be lower than 5%, for fragments over 2.5 kb, white colonies may be lower than 30%. Easy TA Simple Cloning Vector are supplied with a Control Insert (800 bp) DNA for use as a positive control. For sequencing purpose, it is recommended to use universal primers such as M13 Forward and M13 Reverse or T7 promoter and T3 promoters.


Easy TA Simple Cloning Vector(40 ng/μl) 

 20 μl

Control Insert(40 ng/μl) 

 5 μl

Easy TA Simple Cloning Vector is stable for 1 year at -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze and thaw cycles.

• 3’dT overhangs for direct ligation of Taq-amplified PCR products
• Eliminated multiple cloning sites for better inserts study
• Choices of different primers for sequencing

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