2× RealPower SYBR Mix UDG
#10624-001 1 ml
#10624-005 5 × 1 ml
OriBio™ 2× RealPower SYBR Mix UDG is a ready-to-use solution optimized for quantitative realtime PCR and     two-step real-time RT-PCR. It is supplied as 2× concentration mixed with SYBR Green I at an optimized concentration that is most suitable for real time monitoring, makes it easy to perform the experiements. The mixture contains our proprietary PowerTaq DNA polymerase specifically engineered for real time PCR application, and dNTPs (includes dUTP) in an optimized PCR buffer. Only templates and primers need to be added. Uracil-DNA glycosylase (UDG) is added in the mix for catalyzing dUTP for carryover contamination control. The SYBR Green I dye in the mix allows DNA detection and analysis without using sequence-specific probes. The use of 2× RealPower SYBR Mix in real time PCR ensures sensitive, specific, and reproducible quantification of genomic, plasmid, viral and cDNA templates.



 2× RealPower SYBR Mix UDG

 1 ml

 5 × 1 ml

*ROX Reference Dye 

 40 μl

 200 μl

 *ROX Reference Dye II

 40 μl

 200 μl

*Rox Reference Dye is to be used for analyses using a device that corrects fluorescent signals between wells. The amount to use varies depending on the instrument used.

Add ROX Reference Dye (50×) in a volume equivalent to 1/50 of the PCR reaction mixture when using the following instrument:
• Step One Plus™ Real-Time PCR System (Life Technologies)
Add ROX Reference Dye II (50×) in a volume equivalent to 1/50 of the PCR reaction mixturewhen using the following instrument:
• Applied Biosystems 7500/7500 Fast Real Time PCR System (Life Technologies)
No ROX Reference Dye (50×) is required when using any of the following instruments:
• Thermal Cycler Dice Real Time System II (Cat. #TP900/TP960)
• Light Cycler®/Light Cycler® 480 System (Roche Diagnostics)
• CFX96 Real-Time PCR Detection System (Bio-RAD)
• Rotor-gen 6000 Real Time System (Corbett)

3 months when stored at 4°C. Keep this kit away from light and avoid contamination.
Long-term storage at -20°C for 1 year.
Read the following points carefully before use, and follow them when using this product.
1. Before use, make sure the reagent is evenly mixed by gently inverting the tube several times without creating bubbles. Do not mix by vortexing.
2. Place reagents on ice immediately after they are thawed.
3. This product contains SYBR Green I. Protect it from strong light when preparing the reaction mixture.
4. Use fresh disposable tips to avoid any potential cross-contamination between samples when preparing or dispensing reaction mixtures.
• Ready to use format, only template and primers are needed
• Improved sensitivity and specificity
• Room temperature reactions assembly
• Less steps and error, time saving
• Minimal optimization required
• Minimize carryover contamination
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