2× PowerHS Taq PCR Mix (Loading Dye-Free)
#10274-001 0.5 ml
#10274-005 5 × 0.5 ml

OriBio™ 2× PowerHS Taq PCR Mix (Loading Dye-Free) contains PowerHS Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, Mg2+ reaction buffer and stabilizer. It is ideal for hot start PCR reaction. A high temperature incubation step is required to activate the polymerase, which ensures that the enzyme is activated only at temperatures in which the DNA is fully denatured and when the primers are not annealed. This feature effectively inhibits non-specific amplification caused by the primers and the template DNA non-specific hybridization or primer-dimer under low temperature conditions. Activation of enzyme requires 10 minutes´ incubation at 95℃.

The convenient mix formulation is supplied as 2× concentration. PowerHS Taq PCR Mix has the benefits including quick and easy setup, high sensitivity, specificity, and good stability, minimizing manual error, time saving, contamination reduction, and is ideal for high-throughput gene detection and rapid clone screening. The PCR products generated using this product contains 3’dA overhangs, and can subject to downstream TA cloning directly. The dye-containing end products after PCR reaction can be loaded for gel electrophoresis and detected directly and also can be purified for subsequent experiments.

Hot Start PCR
Routine PCR
High throughput PCR
Multiplex PCR

   10274-001 10274-005 
2× PowerHS Taq PCR Mix(Loading Dye-Free) 0.5 ml  5 × 0.5 ml
ddH2 0.5 ml 5 × 0.5 ml 
@ -20°C for 1 year. Avoid repeated freeze and thaw cycles.
• Improved specificity and yields of PCR compared to Taq DNA Polymerase
• PCR products up to 5 kb in size
• Room temperature reactions assembly
• Less steps and error, time saving
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